16 – 22 Page Digital Guide

Professionally written content with engaging photography and video which will include Native Forms (Bookings, Enquires, Contact and Feedback).

The Guide can be sent via email using the customised link, shared on Social Media and embedded into your Website.

Each Guide can be updated with information at any time and the changes will reflect immediately. The Guide will be fully reviewed and updated quarterly.

Direct Booking Links

Save up to 15% per booking with engaging and interactive information about the accommodation you offer, preferential rates and links throughout your Guide for guests to click and book with you directly.

Direct access to Trip Advisor Reviews

Trip Advisor has 490 million unique visitors (Jan 2019) and more than three quarters of visitors check Trip Advisor before booking.

Using the direct link to your Trip Advisor reviews embedded in the Guide makes it simple for potential guests to check reviews, stay focused on your business and make a direct booking without the need for multiple searches and website visits.

Search Engine Optimisation and Reporting

Fresh, helpful and engaging content has been an important factor in Google’s search algorithm for years.

Recent information is likely to be more relevant then something that was written two years ago and a webpage’s value will degrade with time, reducing visibility as it becomes less relevant.

By embedding airguides into your website you can immediately provide fresh, regularly updated and useful content with important key words, all of which will give you a significant boost in Search Engine rankings.

Full Control over Content

There is no content to write, no research to be done or photos and video to produce and no technical experience is required but you will have full control over what is published and we will make as many revisions as necessary until you are completely satisfied with your Guide.

Provide an Amazing Service & Earn Additional Income with GIFT Box

Luxury hotels are great at sourcing and providing a luxurious bathing experience with expensive and high-quality toiletries and many upmarket hotels offer guests the option to advise (pre check-in) if they want certain items in their fridge or mini bar.

As the owner of a small Hotel, B&B or Guest house, providing luxury toiletries and custom ordered food and wine is probably not a viable option.

However, by clicking on a simple link to Gift Box in your Guide, guests can order some self -indulgent, beautifully packaged treats for their stay and have them delivered directly to you ready for check-in.  Plus, you will receive a percentage-based commission for every guest order delivered.

Digital Voucher Scheme

Add Digital Vouchers to your Guide and run promotions/offer discounts for your guests without the need for expensive third party sites.

The scheme is fully supported and we can provide graphic design for vouchers and promotions if required.

Support your Community & Monetise Recommendations

Promote businesses and events in your community by offering digital discount and promotion vouchers with your recommendations and receive commission for every voucher redeemed.

Build a Subscriber List

Many businesses don’t realise the importance of building an email list but having a growing list of guests who are interested in your business and services can have a big impact on marketing, traffic and revenue.

For no additional charge (if you do not already have one) we will set up an account for you with and provide links to that account throughout the guide so guests can easily click and join your email list.

You will retain full ownership of the account and data.